- Grading Standards

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Grading Scale:

NMMT: sharp corners, near perfect surface.

NM+: A small flaw keeping them from NMMT. such as a weak corner.

NM: Solid card, a corner, or minor surface flaw keeps it from grading higher.

EXMT+: Two corners or surface flaw keeping it from NM.

EXMT: A very solid card that displays well. No major hit corners or suface issues.

EX+: Corners or surface keeps from grading higher

EX: Will never have a crease. but surface or corners are not sharp enough

VGEX: No creases on these either. corners are weak but not rounded.

VG+: card may look vgex, but has a lite crease or corners are too weak.

VG: Usually has a crease or semi rounded corners.

Good+: Will have some imperfections and creases.

Good: Heavy creases and possible other issues.

Fair: Many creases, but not completely destroyed.

Poor: Pretty much a destroyed card.

Note: All items are actual scans of what you will receive. Please refer to scans for centering.

Glossary of Terms listed in an items title:

(MK) = Mark(s) on card
(WAX) = Wax stain on front of card
(WAX-BK) = Wax stain on back of card.
(ST) = Either a stain on the front or back of the card